Deep Tissue I

Instructors: Jordan Allen

Prerequisite: Massage Technician Training |  Next: Deep Tissue II, Deep Tissue III

Recommended: Anatomy/Physiology I or  Anatomy/Physiology IIAdvanced Circulatory Massage



Course Description:

IPSB’s style of deep tissue addresses tissue layer by layer, non-invasively, with the goal of producing maximum release with minimal effort and without adding trauma to tissue already traumatized.  This three course series also deepens understanding of anatomy and how it functions in relation to posture and BodyMind considerations.   Common musculo-skeletal pathologies and how to work with them are included in the second and third courses.  Educating clients to feel for the experience of tissue release and not just pressure on the tissue is also an important component of IPSB Deep Tissue, as is self-care practices for the client and therapist.


Deep Tissue I advances anatomical understanding of individual muscles and their actions and heightens palpatory recognition of the different qualities of tension in the tissue.  Adding new tools to those from the Massage Technician level, students expand techniques to create focused tension release.  Tai Chi and correct body mechanics are practiced and integrated into the bodywork.


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