Massage Program

Massage Technician Training

This course is an introduction to the field of massage and bodywork.  It is the beginning of the self-exploration process and is the building block for further studies.

The program focuses on the traditional style of circulatory massage and includes T’ai Qi Chuan, anatomy/physiology, joint mobilization, energy balancing, business & hygiene practices, and an introduction to deep work.

Massage Therapist Training

The 550-hour Massage Therapist Program provides in-depth exposure to bodywork techniques.

By pursuing this course of study, the student gains increased sensitivity and more understanding of the psycho-structural process that shapes the body and mind. It includes detailed studies of anatomy, physiology, and soft tissue therapy. The Massage Therapist Program prepares one to work where massage is used as an integral part of the healing process.

Continuing Education

IPSB offers a variety of classes and workshops that allow students to enhance and diversify their skills. Any classes making up the 400 additional hours of the Massage Therapist Training, or the advanced electives, may be taken on an individual basis. We also offer the following specialty classes, which do not require any previous massage training:

Craniosacral Unwinding
Lymphatic Massage

Class Schedules

IPSB offers a year-round program, including daytime, evening, intensive and weekend courses to accommodate students with various schedules.

The current schedules are inserted. For more information, contact the IPSB business office at 310-342-7130.