Welcome To IPSB

Who We Are
Welcome to the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB).  We have been teaching holistic bodywork in the greater Los Angeles area since 1979.  Our distinctive approach to massage training, which integrates body mind therapies with masterful body mechanics, continues IPSB’s tradition as a recognized leader in massage training.  In our environment, rich with the opportunity for self- discovery and transformation, we equip every student with the best tools available to excel at a lasting and fruitful career as a therapeutic bodyworker.

The IPSB Experience

Our unique training opens the door to increased awareness of one’s own body, heart and mind within the process of learning therapeutic massage and bodywork in a dynamic and innovative program. The IPSB experience approaches the body holistically, revealing how our unique perspectives and experiences manifest in our physical form. This exploration   gives rise to growth and transformation that is personal and expansive.  Concurrently students practice Tai Chi Ch’uan, developing a tool of strength, flexibility, and inner stability.  Our classes provide a safe, supportive, compassionate environment where authenticity and individual excellence are inspired by the learning process.  By communicating with the body in a conscious and fully connected way touching the body touches the soul.

Our Mission
The IPSB mission is to train sensitive, self-aware bodyworkers who are innovators of holistic techniques who use creativity to transform basic skills into an artistic form that deeply touches the lives of others. That goal is bound to the philosophy that learning at IPSB develops from an awareness that the true knowledge is self-knowledge. Whether a student chooses the 150 hour Massage Technician Training or the 550 Massage Therapist Training, s/he is choosing to embody a path of study that will offer personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Programs
The 150-hour Technician Training
is the introduction to the field of massage and bodywork.  It is the beginning of the self-exploration process and is the building block for further studies. The program focuses on the traditional style of circulatory massage and includes T’ai Chi Ch’uan, body psychology, anatomy/physiology, joint mobilization, energy balancing, business practices, and an introduction to deep work.

The 550-hour Massage Therapist Training provides in-depth experience to bodywork techniques. By pursuing this course of study the student gains increased sensitivity and more understanding of the psycho-structural process that shapes the body and mind.  It includes detailed studies of anatomy, physiology, and soft tissue therapy.  The Massage Therapists Training prepares one to work where massage is used as an integral part of the healing process.

Year-Round Learning
Our programs are available year-round and include daytime, evening, intensive and weekend schedules designed to accommodate part or full-time students and professionals seeking continuing education. Our friendly and knowledgeable admissions staff is available to answer all your questions and assist you with the application/enrollment process.  We also offer flexible payment plans for program students.

Please contact us at (310) 342-7130
Join us at an Open House and discover
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with an artistry that touches the lives of others.


Massage Technician – Tai Chi

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